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Checkbox empowers subject-matter experts to build powerful enterprise-grade software without programming knowledge. We’re all about transforming messy, unworkable regulation-based processes into a human-friendly, results driven solution in the cloud.


Automate expert decision making and reporting

Boosting efficiency and precision is a big tick in our box

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    Streamlining and standardisation

    Maximise consistency, efficiency and accuracy

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    Knowledge management

    Cure corporate amnesia by codifying and distributing expertise

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    Automated Documentation

    Generate accurate and complete records of processes

Digital Transformation of Regulation

Combine your domain expertise with our technology expertise to change the way people interact with regulation

Problems that Checkbox Solve
Regulation often prescribe processes which are complex and confusing either due to the technicalities of the domain or by its sheer volume. Checkbox cuts through this by guiding the user through the regulatory process one step at a time.
Getting regulation right is rarely achieved through a single source. Important factors such as commentary, interpretations and definitions are fragmented across multiple documents and sources. Checkbox presents them all on the one page without overwhelming the user.
Documentation for justification, review and auditing is key to any regulatory process but is often incomplete or takes a lot of time. Checkbox automatically captures the entire process into reports which are not only accurate and complete, but require no effort for the user.


Checkbox isn’t your typical enterprise software. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver enterprise-level capability and security with the ease-of-access and user experience that you would expect from consumer apps. We understand that those of us who work in enterprise are still humans and we should be given human-friendly tools to do our work.

  • Regulation, Not Workflow

Our platform is built with the specific purpose of enabling the digital transformation of regulation. This means allowing you to build processes which are rules-driven, not approval-driven because that is how regulation operates.

  • Complex Logic Implementation

Whether it is complex routing or calculations, our unique rules engine not only controls workflow and processes but acts as a state machine which allows the user to implement complex rules without diving into the source code.

  • Build Naturally

Our behaviour modelling approach provides flexibility for the user to define how they build their app. We’ve placed the power with the expert and not the tech, so the most natural and intuitive application for that domain can be created.

  • Customisable Document Automation

Our document builder allows you to create tailored outputs which automatically capture the specific information you’ve selected and represent it in a format chosen by you, ready to be saved, sent or printed.

  • Superior User Experience

Checkbox is no-code. Our intuitive and familiar user experience means that business owners can implement business requirements without the involvement of a business analyst or a developer. The modern interface and design is a big bonus.

  • Instantaneous Change Implementation

Being able to rapidly prototype and react to regulatory changes is very important. We allow you to easily make changes which are automatically and instantaneously rendered, again without needing to engage a developer.

  • Competitive Pricing & Commercials

Checkbox provides enterprise-level technology, without the enterprise-level price tag. Coupled with our flexible commercial model, engaging with Checkbox to produce fast and real results is actually possible.

  • Speed To Market

Checkbox is fast. Both our technology and business are nimble and allow our partners to engage, implement, publish and deploy ready-to-use modules within an unparalleled time frame.

What you can build with Checkbox

Go with the flow

Answer a stream of simple questions which lead you to the tax implication of a transaction. We ask the right questions, so you can focus on the answers. It’s about navigating you through the legal problem process which will have your junior staff working like seniors.

Arrive at the end everytime

Breeze through by exploring the highly tailored tax rulings and legislation provided to clarify confusing or grey concepts every step of the way. Integration with existing transaction data means reaching a numerical output without worrying about using the right method or entering large amounts of data.

Analyse Results

Celebrate as you reach the results page which greets you with comprehensive and relevant information. Dynamic functionality means that the result is not static but allows you to interact with it to test assumptions and different scenarios. When you’re done, we’ll file away your work so you can easily find it in the future.

Track and review

A work trail of your process on Checkbox means that you can easily remember and demonstrate how you reached your results, review and provide feedback on the work of others and effortlessly provide a comprehensive justification when it comes to audit.

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