Checkbox is a no-code platform to enable the digital transformation of regulation. By using our drag and drop Studio, domain experts can convert messy, unworkable processes into easy-to-use, results-driven software in the cloud, all without a developer. With simplicity and intuitive user experience at the forefront of our design, expertise is codified into self-service decision trees which produce automated documents as an output.

With simplicity and intuitive user experience at the forefront of our design, we ensure that whilst our software is enterprise-grade and capability-rich, it stands proudly as user-friendly and modern.


At its core, Checkbox is a seamless intersection between 4 proprietary technologies.

Form Builder

The Page Builder handles the creation of form elements including Y/N, dropdowns and inputs

Table Builder

The Table Builder allows you to build dynamic tables that react to user data and actions

Doc Builder

The Document Builder automates document creation with tailored outputs

Rules Engine

The Rules Engine implements logic to control flow, calculations and display

What you can build with Checkbox

Ever come up with a better way to do work but didn’t have the technology skills to make it happen?
Here are just some of the features you can build with Checkbox without touching a single line of code.

Form Elements

Collect information with Y/N binaries, open fields, dropdowns, checkboxes and more

Decision Tables

Visualise and interpret data with dynamic tables that respond to user data and actions

Document Automation

Capture, summarise and export information tailored to your domain


Calculate values from any set of variables throughout the process


Guide the user with alerts and validation rules which trigger upon a preset condition

Guidance Tips

Easily feature definitions, tests and commentary to support the user


Checkbox is more than just the app-building Studio. We’ve built an end-to-end product so our users can go straight from application design to deployment at an enterprise-ready level.

  • Connector.


    Get a snapshot of your key metrics and information across users

  • Connector.

    End User Interface

    Begin using your Checkbox-powered apps immediately with an out of the box interface

  • Connector.

    Business Intelligence Analytics

    Gain productivity and industry insights for thought leadership or competitive advantage

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